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Pascal Acklin Mehri Psychologist Paris Psychotherapeute

Coming from the ancient Greek “holos” meaning “everything, whole, totality” and “therapein” meaning to heal, holistic or psycho-corporal therapy is an approach to treatment including the being as a whole: body, mind and soul. 

Note at first that meeting a psychologist to do individual psychotherapy for a one-time cession or even a short-term therapeutic follow-up is, above all, a relationship of trust. Take the time to make the right choice before committing into something that, on a personal level, even if it allows for wellness, is not always easy. Making the right choice is taking the time to find the person with whom you will feel that trust. This may require meeting with several psychotherapists before choosing the right one for you…

My therapeutic approach involves accompanying the statement of the problem and “symptoms” by a psycho-corporal listening (i.e. physical, energetic and emotional states in the body) that integrates speech in a situation of relaxation and gentle hypnosis, or even when possible a state of deep meditation. You maintain a state of consciousness that is present at all times while opening up access to other levels of understanding of what life makes you go through. The result is a greater gentleness and quality of accompaniment to what happens to you and therefore a higher level of ability to metabolize and integrate events or symptoms for conscious evolution of your daily existence.

I work with all ages and all stages of life, men, women and couples. I practice integrative psychotherapy wich in its content, its duration and its rhythms, adapt to the needs and possibilities of evolution of each. This involves a wide range of situations where you may feel the need for help. Without considering yourself “crazy” or “abnormal”, but just as someone who seeks to understand himself better, to feel better in his body and in his life. All kinds of issues can be addressed here, diseases, break-ups, bereavements, loneliness, difficult life choices or passages, professional or private novelty, depression, shyness, eating problems, sexuality, self-esteem, substantive existential changes, spiritual evolutions, etc.

Regarding the question of the divine and spirituality, for those who feel concerned, I receive humans of all denominations, atheists, seculars or religious, because spirituality knows no borders and therefore belongs to everyone, each in his own way. You will find in my office listening for all those who wish to integrate this issue into their psychotherapy work. I will soon develop in a future article what is my conception of the spiritual and how it participates in my representation and my practice of psychotherapy.

The duration of an individual session is 45 minutes with a fixed value of 80 euros. I am not a doctor (Psychiatrist) so there is no Social Security reimbursement sheet. On the other hand, a mutual refund is possible according to conditions specific to each mutual health. Check with your registered organization and, if it concerns you, I will make you the bill you need at the end of our sessions.

The pace and duration of psychotherapy depend on you. I don’t think we can define in advance some kind of ready-to-wear therapy that can go to everyone depending on the type of problem and bag-category in which one might want to put you. Every human is special, so it’s about developing tailored made psychotherapy. And you’re the only person who can know, as you progress, whether what we’re doing together brings you something or not. You can therefore at any time decide to bring the rhythm of your sessions closer or further according to your reality, your psyche (digestion time that can be very varied from one session to another and from one person to another…) and also your own subjectivity that I will not come to question. Note that it may simply be a reality related to your schedule or a financial issue, which is just as understandable. Under these conditions, some come once a week, and others once a month, and as things are perfect, everyone moves forward anyway, in their own way, and at their own pace and according to their own needs. In the same way, you can stop or suspend the course of our work whenever you wish, with always this same idea in mind, that you only keep coming because you feel that it still brings you something.

And for those who want to know more about my Professional (in french) and University degrees (in french) until 2008, the date of my final installation in activity only liberal … and for those who have the courage, here is access to my Doctoral Thesis (in french).

Skype sessions are available for those unable to travel to the office. This involves all people living abroad, or simply outside Paris. But it can also affect all people with reduced or impossible mobility, whether transiently or permanently. And finally, it can affect everyone occasionally in case of problems such as the flu or transport strikes…

See you soon…

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