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Integrative Psychotherapy. 7 rue Pierre Haret, Paris 9. Pascal Acklin Mehri, Integrative Individual Psychotherapy, Place de Clichy at the Paris 8, Paris 9, Paris 17 and Paris 18 intersections.
Pascal Acklin Mehri, Integrative psychotherapy Paris

Integrative Psychotherapy includes an attitude towards the practice of psychotherapy that affirms the inherent value of each individual. It is a unifying psychotherapy that responds appropriately and effectively to the person on the levels of emotional, behavioural, cognitive and physiological functioning and also addresses the spiritual dimension of life. Integrating the psycho-corporal dimension into Integrative Therapy means ensuring that the Intuitive, Emotional and Bodily Dimension is present whatever the situation we are dealing with. Integrative Therapy, therefore, proposes an approach that encompasses verbal, emotional and physical work in order to approach the person as a whole, intellect, spiritual, psyche, and body.”

My work proposal is therefore multi-dimensional and throughout my years of practice and experience (Psychanalysis, Gestalt, Hypnosis etc.) I have summarized the whole of this methodology into certain “tools” and master ideas, as for example that of the “Intuitive Listening to Body Resonances” or “Intuitive Body Resonance” method. This is a therapy using verbal exchange without direct physical contact between the person and the therapist. In this work we will listen, after the statement of the problem of each person and as the exchanges unfold in the speech, all the unconscious resonances that are expressed in the physical and emotional manifestations of the body. This will allow us to reveal then in the work of therapy all the intuitive information that these resonances seek to bring back to the consciousness of each. To accommodate these resonances in the best conditions, I use soft hypnosis, where everyone remains aware of what is being said and what is happening. Which opens in relaxation a more subtle and deeper perception of oneself. We will then have more direct and creative access to unconscious answers related to the problems posed. This process of therapeutic work complements perfectly with a meditative anchor (when meditation is accessible to the person).

Taking care of the body, the mind and the soul come into a frame of broad spiritual conception, incorporating a modern, non-moralizing and non-doctrinaire personal experience, of different conceptions of faith (religious or not), meditation ( Buddhist or not), and other views on shamanism and mediumism. This is today for me a way of exploration that is still in progress that allows me to keep in mind that humans are also connected to their natural environment and to a universe in the broadest sense…

Value and duration: Psychotherapy sessions are worth 80 euros for a duration of 45 minutes (see “Meet a Holistic Psychologist” for rhythm, length and other practical details of therapy).

Skype sessions (payment via PayPal or bank transfer) for people unable to travel to the Cabinet (expatriates, disability, or simply non-Parisian). Also valid for days of flu, or bad weather…

To help you better understand the proposed process, I have more specifically developed some aspects of how this method unfolds in some key articles: But sorry for my Anglo-Saxons fellows, they are still in french, I didn’t do the translation yet…

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