Couple psychotherapy and mild hypnosis

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Couple's psychotherapy.  Pascal Acklin Mehri, Clinical Psychologist.


                          GROWING UP TOGETHER!







How, from these two "misunderstood" who resist each other, find the couple of partners and friends able to solve a problem as a team by taking on their own account each of their individual responsibilities?

To do this, we will use the couple's primary strength, that of being able to solve and overcome, in pairs, questions that we could not have faced, nor of which we could not even be aware, separately. Couple Psychotherapy will accompany you in this direction, to relearn how to grow on your own through each other. For when everyone takes responsibility for his own growth; then it is the two parts of the couple who start growing together again.

I propose, here, a work to understand the difficulties of the relationship in the couple through an listening and a three-way speech. Where the one-on-one leaves only a dead end, the exchange with a third party becomes necessary to allow access to a more open, freer, lighter point of view. Whatever the form of the difficulties, including those related to intimate areas such as sexuality, we will question the foundations of the relationship and the exchanges in the couple. In a continuous back and forth between each subjective point of view, without being trapped by either, we will learn to listen again, not only what everyone has to say, but above all what everyone feels and lives subjectively in the present situation.

And to deepen without being imprisoned again by the "mental" repetitive scenarios, in endless loops and dead ends, we will use a particular state of receptivity of the mind. Between relaxation, hypnosis and guided meditation, in a state where we remain aware of everything that is said or happens, the reception of the other becomes softer, less defensive, more open. Listening to the other's feelings allows us to become aware, by diminishing the need to defend ourselves or to fight, of a synergy of love invisible at work in the couple and veiled by fear, frustration, shame, guilt or anger, to see the disgust that affects our secret wounds, those of our individual history that began long before our history of a couple.

Here, following the methodology of Intuitive Body Resonance, we will reconnect with the contact of simple emotional feelings, in the body, away from sterile intellectual interpretations, which will connect us with the care to be given to the wounded and misunderstood inner child of each. And we will explore solutions in co-creation, in the couple's love bath, in this more serene place, where no one takes care of each other's inner child. In this quieter place, it is the synergy of the couple, in these unconscious emotional and energetic exchanges, that allows reconciliation with the Love that everyone can and should never cease to carry to himself in the first place. Reconciling with Self-love, in and through the dynamics of the couple, this is the key to a more open door to greater harmony of the individual in the couple, and of the couple in the individual.

In the following articles, you will find additional information about my vision of the couple and its therapeutic potential…

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Price and duration: Couple sessions last 45 minutes and are worth 50 euros per person. Aside from the price difference, the rules regarding the pace and length of therapy are the same as for individual psychotherapy (see "Meet a Holistic Psychologist").

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