Supervision and Training of Caregivers and Therapists


Professional supervision. Psychotherapy practice. 7 rue Pierre Haret, Paris 9.
Pascal Acklin Mehri, Supervision Pro, Training of Caregivers and Therapists, Paris

“Professional supervision allows you to speak and express your personal experience, your emotions when you are going through difficult or questionable professional situations. Professional supervision allows you to distance yourself and at the same time to reconnect with yourself by becoming more aware of  the true nature of your involvement.”

In Supervision, it is above all a place of listening and share, but when it comes to creating and accompanying the desired change in the face of a blocked or stagnant professional situation, the “power” of explanation and understanding intellectually can be useful but also contain its limit. This is why, even if it is above all a space of speech, we will also learn together, (quietly, in the safety of our chairs) to re-listen to the intuitive, emotional resonance of the practitioner in front of each problematic situation. The intuition carried by the different sensory states of the professional is a kind of inner guide or “sixth sense” available in each of us that will help us to unblock the various dead-ends encountered. By providing our body more attention we will relearn to give the respect that the body and his intuition deserves…

This supervision is aimed for professionals in all fields of coaching, and therapy, but also for all professionals of Social, Educational or Humanitarian fields, in public or private sector, in public services or in private offices.

No need for special pre-knowledge but just to have a body at stake and sometimes put at difficulties, in the particular situations of your specific professional field (caregivers, teachers, educators, doctors , psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, nurses, psycho-practitioners, therapists from all fields and finally, all the people being trained in these different professions…

This more attentive listening of the professional in all dimensions of what constitutes him or her, I summarize it in a simplified name: “The Intuitive Body Resonance”. That is, listening to everything your body, your emotions, your intuitions manifest in contact with the different relationships with the person, and all the therapeutic intuitions that will then be nourished by this more attentive listening of your symptoms emotional and bodily. For there is a strong chance (I would say 100% chance) that if your body manifests itself in this particular way with that particular person or type of person, there is here a clear and very useful information that repeats itself, and is maybe neglected, and that now deserves to be addressed with the careful attention that it requires.

During this supervision, you will learn or re-learn to validate and assume all the information that your body, by resonance with the person, tries to bring to your consciousness. By going back and forth with sharing your experience and putting into direct practice your body resonance, you will then be able to live in “live” a reinforcement of the therapeutic intuitions you need to enable the evolution of the professional impasses to which you are confronted.

Individual supervision sessions have the same duration and value as individual psychotherapy sessions, for more details see “Meet a Holistic Psychologist” in Rhythm and Duration.

NB: Skype sessions (payment via PayPal or bank transfer) for those unable to travel to the cabinet. This involves all people living abroad, or simply outside Paris. But it can also affect all people with reduced or impossible mobility, whether transiently or permanently. And finally, it can affect everyone on an ad hoc basis in case of transient problems such as the flu or transport strikes…

NB: Team supervision: Regarding team supervision, I receive at my office and I only travel inside Paris or very close suburbs easily accessible by public transport, in both cases the cost is 160 euros per hour for a group 6 people maximum and a basic minimum package of 1 hour and 30 minutes in case of travel.

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