Fear, what's the point?

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Video Mr Ramesh talks to us!

What if we tame this natural phenomenon that is Fear?

Like all human emotions, fear accompanies us throughout our lives. Violent and explosive in its extremes, it can be panic or paralyzing, even phobic. And yet it was above all a little-known ally, pushed into extreme limits for lack of listening and attention.

Just as pain at the tip of a finger informs you of a cut that should be paid attention to in order to give it proper care, fear also informs us in its own way and attracts our attention in an unpleasant but also particularly effective way. No one likes pain, but what would we be without it and without the warnings it provides? It's exactly the same for fear.

When it comes to warning us of a real danger endangering the integrity of our person, such as crossing a highway on foot, or confronting a wild animal, the vital information that fear brings us is obvious. But when it comes to a psychological situation linked to human-to-human relationships, it is no longer necessarily a real objective danger. In fact, in many cases, where the danger is no longer "objective", these are fears that signal us gateways to potential experiences that can, most of the time, lead to possible existential changes. The greater the fear, the more it is an existential evolution of substance, and therefore a necessary passage to important stages of our lives.

Listening and attention are essential here to finally regain the time to tame our fears and no longer control or make them walk in step, lest they take control of ourselves in return …

It's a little video, it's funny, it's just and it's about Fear!

Mr Ramesh